Gold Blunt Box

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Gold Membership ($149.50 Value)

Discover rich taste with delivery of 50 individually wrapped fresh blunts right to your door every month. Subscription to the Blunt Box makes the perfect gift for yourself or your fellow high roller. You will also gain access to special offers on exclusive apparel and accessories. In addition, you will receive a welcome note and a sample gift with each delivery.


Slower Burn: Outer leaf 
Double Binder: Two (2) 7-inch re-rollable inner leafs
More Room To Roll: Tip-to-tip rolling design allowing you to maximize the entire length of the leaf for a larger, longer lasting smoke (no mouthpiece to remove)
Pre-Cut Cap: To avoid the messy and wasteful paper tearing, we pre-cut the tips for you
Smell-Proof Pouch: Storage to keep your clipped cigars and fillers, minus the smell


Length: 7"
Ring Gauge: 42


Wrapper Type: Natural Tobacco Leaf
Binder: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
Filler: Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed


    2-3 Business Days