Is this cigar a pre-rolled blunt with weed?

No, our cigars are strictly tobacco. Making it legal to ship to you in any state and allowing you to use your own herb of choice. 

How many blunts can I get from one cigar?

Each cigar comes with two 7-inch inner leafs, as well as a naturally wrapped outer leaf. That’s over 14-inches to roll with.
You make the call.

Does the shipping display “blunts” or “cigars” anywhere on the package?

No. We respect your privacy, and make sure to ship your package discreetly.

As a Blunt Box subscriber, when am I billed?

With your subscription, you’re billed once you place your order. The recurring cycle will remain on that day each month.

When do the cigars ship?

Once your subscription is activated, your blunts are freshly packed and shipped out. Allow 5-7 days for that first delivery. Your upcoming months will promptly deliver on that same day.

Is there a fee to subscribe to the Blunt Box?

No membership fees. You only pay for your blunts. Your gifts are free, and so is delivery.

What if I want to cancel or change my subscription?

You can cancel, pause or change your subscription at any time with just a few clicks online. And don’t worry about any fees for doing so, there aren’t any. No contracts, no hidden fees. No B.S.