Canon Cigars was established circa 2011 in New York City. Our company was created to deliver a myriad of solutions and bring value to the people. Marijuana smoking has a deeply rooted culture in our society. For generations it’s been viewed with both admiration and disapproval for its long debated benefits vs. risks. With the advancements of today’s modern technologies, continuous research, and ease of access to information, the evidence is clear that the benefits of the natural plant, heavily outweigh any of the alleged risks. This evidence caused a growing widespread of legalization throughout our country with respects to both medicinal and recreational usage. One of the most popular ways to use marijuana is by rolling it inside of a tobacco leaf (cigar). The cigars utilized today were not specifically created for this technique, which hinders the quality of the experience. This problem, or opportunity so to speak, was recognized by its founding family.

Upon inception of our premier cigar — Canon Royalé — we were able to successfully demonstrate an improved product that not only solved problems, but enhanced aesthetics and progressed the entire blunt smoking experience. We are grateful for our mechanical and industrial accomplishments thus far, and will continue to connect with our customers and remain open-minded to feedback in order to further improve our present and future products.