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How does it work?

It's simple.

Canon was built for smokers like you.

Each blunt (cigar) has two 7-inch inner leafs. This
equals less wasted herb, and a longer-lasting smoke
session. We've also created an easy unraveling outer
leaf, and pre-cut the ends so you don't have to. 

Quality over quantity.

Some companies are disguising chemicals as
fruity, exotic flavors. We're only concerned
with giving you fresh, natural wrapped
blunts at discounted prices.

Convenience is key.

That means delivery from our climate-controlled
warehouse, right to your door. You can pause or
cancel a subscription anytime in just a few clicks.
Shipping is fast, free, and discreet. 

Freshness, guaranteed.

Your blunts are housed in our humidors, not sitting
on store shelves getting stale. Once your delivery date
and quantity of blunts are selected, your Blunt Box is
shipped accordingly to ensure freshness. Guaranteed.